Project House in Molenbeek

A bridge at the kanal

Since April 2017 Cinemaximiliaan moved in a rear house in the Manchesterstraat in the canal area of Molenbeek. This house, where both coordinators Gawan and Gwendolyn live, has in a short time become the beating heart of the dynamics around Cinemaximiliaan. Volunteers and visitors stay overnight around events, we eat and work together, people meet and collaborations take place. Musicians have rehearsed intensively during the past year for the film concert that can now be seen in many theatres in the country. The house also transforms itself into a film set during the productions of the short films. Public presentations, film screenings or programs are also organized on a regular basis. Because all this happens in the intimacy of a living and breathing house, it creates a special experience in time and space that makes a difference for many people.

Call for support

Cinemaximiliaan has received exclusivity from the current owner to acquire the house. This offers us the unique opportunity not only to secure the house which Cinemaximiliaan uses at the moment - the rear house and the ground floor of the mansion on the street side - but also to acquire the entire building. This would offer a possibility to develop the activities in a unique way and expand the house with a catering service on the ground floor and a guest house in the upper floors of the front house.
While the ground floor is transformed into a meeting room with international cuisine, we could offer temporary accommodations for artists, performers, musicians, filmmakers, writers in residence or on tour, with overnight stays in the short or long term in collaboration with our institutional partners in the cultural field. The guest house, the kitchen and the meeting place will be run by newcomers. This creates a place for casual meetings and potential collaborations: a unique opportunity for international guests from the cultural field to come into direct contact with the warm dynamics of Cinemaximiliaan. On the one hand the project targets the harrowing social isolation of newcomers in our society, and on the other hand addresses the cultural sector that considers the involvement of newcomers to be of paramount importance.
Currently we’re working on this project to secure a financial and a legal plan and set up a cooperative of people willing to invest in the house.
We’re still searching people to think and work along or be part of this adventure.
If you want to know more about the project or you want to be involved, please contact us.