Transit – Anastasia Zolkina

Original Title: Transit
English Title: Transit
Genre: Drama
Duration: 6 min.
Year of Production: 2018
Country: Belgium
Screening Format: DCP
Colour: Color
Language: English
Subtitles: Dutch / French

Short Synopsis:
This is the story about an endless journey. One episode from the life of a traveler who has to leave the past life behind once again and make a new step in the future with no regrets. One part of the journey ends and another one begins on the central train station in Antwerp. It is the border line crossing which is a harder choice to make than it seems to be.

Long Synopsis:

At the beginning the traveler starts a new part of her journey. She arrives to the central train station in Antwerp to take a train. She receives a call from somebody who she new in the past and that person tries to talk her to come back, but fails. She has already decided everything. After the call the traveler walks around the station and chooses the place to go to start a new life looking at the timetable. There are diferent names of Belgian cities. When it's decided she stays aside from the railway and from the crowd waiting for the train and taking time to sort out things in her backpack. There are objects from all around the world. The traveler throws away many of them, everything that she is not going to use in the new life she starts. It's a painful moment for her, because those things contain memories and that's what she tries to leave behind along with the past. They also show that she has already traveled through many places and left many different lives behind but her journey always continued. There is another part of her endless road to be started. At the end she leaves the station to face the future.

Director: Anastasia Zolkina
Camera: Kevin Kola, Gohram Baloch
Editing: Anastasia Zolkina
Editing assistance: Diren Agbaba, Kinshuk Surjan
Sound mixing: Jean-Noël Boissé
Producers: Gawan Fagard and Gwendolyn Lootens
Made in a workshop with Béla Tarr at Cinemaximiliaan

Biography of Director:
Anastasia Zolkina (Russia, 1995). She’s a photographer and traveler. The world of cinema has always been an important part of her life and work, working backstage. She dreamt about becoming a director in the high school, but there was no possibility to make it a profession.

Filmography of Director:
First film