After Life – Louay Dabous

Original Title: After Life
English Title: After Life
Genre: Drama
Duration: 18 min
Year of Production: 2018
Country: Belgium
Screening Format: DCP
Colour: Color
Language: none
Subtitles: none

Short Synopsis: Normal days in the life of a young man in a random city.

Long Synopsis: A day in the life of a young man in his small place in a random city and his life divided between domestic ritual and his connection with other people.

Director: Louay Daboos
With: Bilan Gumus
Camera: Louay Daboos
Editing: Louay Daboos
Postproduction: Kinshuk Surjan
Sound mixing: Maxime Thomas
Producers: Gawan Fagard and Gwendolyn Lootens
Made in a workshop with Béla Tarr at Cinemaximiliaan

Biography of Director:
Louay Dabous (Syria, 1994). He worked in the Media Department of the Syarian Arab Red Crescent. Now he studies third year film directing in RITCS School of Arts in Brussels.

Filmography of Director:
“New house” (2017)