Film Productions

After a year and a half of activities around film screenings, debates, concerts and exhibitions, many people within Cinemaximiliaan expressed the wish to develop a platform for film production.

The project is a collaborative film platform that will unfold over the coming years. It gravitates around the Cinemaximiliaan project house in a large house in Molenbeek, where there is room for a film studio, a recording studio, editing rooms, a kitchen, accommodation and all other facilities needed to accommodate the productions. In this setting many people can work together on individual creations of short films, in the role of directors, actors, set designers, light and sound technicians, cameramen, costume designers, make-up artists, musicians, catering, production, logistics, etc. Film professionals, visual artists and filmmakers are invited to help realize the films, give workshops, masterclasses, screenings and debates. The project aims to work together on an equal level, therefore all participation in the project is based on a voluntary engagement.

In December, the Hakimi family from Afghanistan already made a first film in collaboration with directors Rokhsareh Ghaemmaghami and Julie De Clercq. Early 2018 Rand Abou Fakhr realised a short film assisted by the Hungarian film legend Béla Tarr. During the month of April Béla Tarr also gave a workshop and we made four additional short films directed by Anastasia Zolkina, Omar Al Samarrai, Angela Al-Souliman and Louay Daboos. In July director Hans Van Nuffel will make a project with Fatma Osman and Muna Muriidi Barr. This is how we gradually build up a repertoire of relevant and urgent films.
The whole process is documented as a documentary film project that takes place in the house, “in front and behind the scenes". The result of this project is on the one hand independent short films and on the other hand a feature documentary. 

We invite filmmakers, actors, costume designers, camera people, sound people, film professionals of all fields, students, anybody willing to jump into a new adventure to join in and work together on this project. 
Please contact us if you like to help out. 

Download here the press kit for Cinemaximiliaan short films

Screaming in Silence – Marof Hakimi

Rand Abou Fakher – Braided Love

Bela Tarr Workshop

The Matchmaker (working title) - Fatma Osman

Cheers! – Angela Al Souliman

Transit – Anastasia Zolkina

After Life – Louay Dabous

Letter From Brussels – Omar Al Samarrai