Home Screening at the house of Han

Saturday evening we had a wonderful pop-up cinema at the house of Han De Meulemeester where we watched the movie “Trafic” from Jacques Tati.
We want to thank Han for her generosity, we want to thank the people who cooked the delicious Pakistani food: Hassan Ali, Ghoulam, Mohammed, Mozaffar, Ali & Syed and we want to thank you all for being part of these beautiful evening.
It was a night with sharing talks, sharing food, sharing easter chocolate eggs and much more!

A report of a cosy homescreening at the house of Isabelle and Rolf

A report of a cosy homescreening at the house of Isabelle and Rolf. Shakila, Ahmadyar Mina, Ghulam Nabi Khaksar and Ahmed Soboh were cooking delicious Afghan food. Before watching a movie, Ben De Raes and David Slotema filmed many testimonies of people, what they feel and think about their involvement in Cinemaximiliaan. It’s a reportage for Hart boven Hard soon to be seen! After that we watched a short film by David Slotema called “With a Thousand Eyes”, followed by a debate with the filmmaker.
Every time we do home screenings we realise how important it is, to meet new people, share time, space, energy, love, talks, food, ideas, feelings, … in the living room of someone’s house. Thanks and up to the next screening in the house of Lieven De Cauter beginning of March!