Visiting asylumcentres

Visiting asylumcentres. Last Wednesday 6 december a group of Cinemaximiliaan volunteers went to the asylum centre in Jette, where they showed an animation film program.
On Saturday 9 december another group went again to the center in Lint, where many of our friends are staying. Elmira, Keta Keta, Jeanne Btl and another of their friends where making delicious Albanian pizza’s! Next to the screenings there was again many talks and encounters, and some of the people we met in the centers will also joined yesterday the pop-up cinema at Kimiaf. It is so important for people in the centers to get to know people who live longer time in Belgium, to create friendships, exchange information and to have a context outside of the center to be part of.
Welcome all and thanks to the volunteers Louay Dabous, Solange Cmx, Aaron Cmx, Assaad Somalia, Lubnan Al Wzny, Lydia Obolensky, Alexandra McAdam, Elmira, El Medina, Abdulrahman Aljassem, Reza Panahi Keta Keta, Jeanne Btl, … Also thanks to Louay Dabous for taking so actively pictures.

Screening in Lint

Last wednesday 31/1 we were honoured to host again a screening in Lint. We had a warm welcome on first arrival and a warm stay and food. It was a long day but time flew as we spent time with you. Some people are going through difficult times waiting very long with their procedures and it gave them a good distraction and it put a smile on their faces. For our new intern Alain Cmx it was an eye opener to grasp the struggles and difficulties newcomers have. Thanks for Leo Rott, Stijn Maes, Louay Dabous, Alain Cmx, Solange Cmx, Keta Keta, Angelo, Medina, Batul, Reza Panahi (for making the poster), … for all being there!
Cinemaximiliaan is planning many more visits to asylum centres. They will go to Jette (16/02), Broechem (19/2), Lint (14/3). Thanks a lot to Solange Cmx and Alain for giving it a boost, and making new appointments with centres.

Visit 2 centres in Jette and in Broechem

Last week Cinemaximiliaan went to visit 2 centres in Jette and in Broechem. We are planning also much more visits in the future. If you like to join please let us know.
Here is some feedback from Hayo de Haan and Angela Al Souliman who went for a visit:
Angela: “I felt mix feelings when I visited the women centre in Jette with cinemaximiliaan, it were conflicting feelings, happy to meet them and in the same moment sad for them because I know how difficult it is for them to stay waiting, only waiting for long time. But when the film “Mon Oncle “ started the women and children began to laugh. And when I spoke to the woman after the film I I feel better and we can sometime give a small light of hope to make the waiting easier.”
Hayo: “The audience consisted of all sorts of people with different backgrounds and ages but were nonetheless fulfilled by the joy cinema can provide to people, heart warming to see”.
Thanks to Solange Cmx, Soetkin Keukeleire, Don Omar, Alain Cmx, Ahmad M Alchekh, Mary Emily Farnsworth, Mohammad, Hayo, Angela, Ghulam Nabi Khaksar, …