King of the Belgians open air screening at Cinemaximiliaan house

Friday April 20 we had high guests at Cinemaximiliaan project house with the film "The King of the Belgians". On their round trip through europe with the next film "The Emperor of Europe", director Jessica Woolworth and Peter Brosens stopped by with the cast of the film. Actors Peter Van den Begin, Bruno Georis and Lucie Debay joined in for the screening. Reza Panahi had prepared a delicious barbecue with help of Ahmed and Hussam, Batul, Soetkin and Anastasia has gathered a large group of people from the asylum centre in Lint and Omar for taking beautiful pictures. The beautiful weather allowed us for the first time to screen the film outdoors on our courtyard in front of the project house. It was a lovely evening with a very interesting debate after the film about travelling by feet to cross national borders and about what one can gain spiritually when being on the road as a fugitive... Thank you all for joining in and see you all soon again.

Slået op af Cinemaximiliaan i Fredag den 20. april 2018

Guest at VDAB in Brussels

Guest at VDAB in Brussels

At 27 april we were the guest at VDAB in Brussels for the closing event AtLevel2work: Talent on the Move. VDAB is supporting us with (BIO) internships. It was a day where we all reflected about our experiences and where we talked about Cinemaximiliaan. We want to thank Gawan & Batul for giving a presentation about our project at the event of VDAB. Thank you Patrick Vercruysse for the invitation!

A little anecdote from Batul who is doing her internship at Cinemaximiliaan:
“It was a great experience that day to give a presentation in Dutch. I’m proud of Cinemaximiliaan and I’m so happy to be able to speak and practice Dutch as an intern at Cinemaximiliaan. This internship is a good opportunity for newcomers to get more skills, selfconfidence and to fit in a new society. It’s all about learning from eachother, building strong relationships and sharing experiences.”

Hungarian filmdirector Béla Tarr arrived in Brussels

The Hungarian filmdirector Béla Tarr arrived in Brussels to spent the week at the Cinemaximiliaan project house helping newcomers to develop their ideas into films. We organised a screening of his masterpiece “Werckmeister Harmonies” at the Cinematek in Brussels, followed by a Q&A with the audience. Then we moved to the Cinemaximiliaan project house for a more private masterclass, where Béla met the participants of the workshop and also the crew of the film project of Rand Abou Fakher. We talked about cinema and life and everyones individual motivation to make films. We had delicious dinner prepared by Abdulrahman Aljassem, Lubnan Al Wzny and Alain Cmx and shared many talks and encounters. The whole week 10 participants will work in the house with Béla shooting small exercises, and meanwhile Rand’s film will be shot here with a bigger crew transforming the whole house in a filmset. Thanks also to Al Samarrai Omar for taking pictures.
Thanks for all the people putting beautiful energy together!

Cinemaximiliaan & Béla Tarr present ‘Werckmeister Harmonies’

Cinemaximiliaan & Béla Tarr present 'Werckmeister Harmonies'

Tomorrow 10 April welcome at 2 pm at the Cinematek!
Cinemaximiliaan invites you to this special screening followed by a Q&A with Béla Tarr and Cinemaximiliaan participants.
Location: CINEMATEK - Baron Hortastrat 9, 1000 Brussel.
Time: 10 April 2018 // 2:00pm
Entrance: 4 € // FREE for newcomers and Cinemaximiliaan volunteers.
a film by Béla Tarr and Ágnes Hranitzky
Hungary-Italy-Germany-France // 2000 // 35mm // 145 mins.
OV Hungarian-Slovak // ST English
An innocent young man witnesses violence break out after an isolated village is inflamed by the arrival of a circus and its peculiar attractions: a giant whale and a mysterious man named "The Prince."
Béla Tarr Masterclass // Workshop
at Cinemaximiliaan project house, Molenbeek.
The Hungarian film director Béla Tarr is accompanying between april 10 and 15 a group of newcomers of Cinemaximiliaan in the process of making a short film. The shooting takes place in their project house in Molenbeek during the month of April. The final short film will be presented during the Kunstenfestivaldesarts at the same location on 11 and 12 May. Cinemaximiliaan brings films and debates to asylum centres, private homes and cinemas, bridging newcomers with locals in a personal way. The starting point of this project is the newcomers’ desire to share their stories through the medium of a short film.

Masterclass of Bela Tarr in Cinemaximiliaan project house

Masterclass of Bela Tarr in Cinemaximiliaan project house.

Slået op af Cinemaximiliaan i Tirsdag den 10. april 2018

Fatma and Muna Muriidi with the Belgian filmmaker Hans Van Nuffel

December 18, 2017  two of our very dear friends Fatma and Muna Muriidi came to our house to discuss their ideas for a short film with the Belgian filmmaker Hans Van Nuffel. It was a very engaging encounter between them, brainstorming together about a story of love and trust… They will start now writing out the screenplay, in January they will start casting the actors and in February the project will go in production. Also Gert Verboven came by to set up the sound equipment for the ‘behind the screens’ documentary. Thank you all for your ideas and your commitment!

First screentests for the Cinemaximiliaan Film Project

In weekend December 4, was the first weekend for the Cinemaximiliaan film project to start. The last years we often met people who have ideas for films and who’re willing to built together a platform to create short films together. After a lot of preparations and meetings we could now start filming a first project. And many others will follow, tell us your idea and we will listen to it.
Almost two years ago we met the Hakimi Family from Afghanistan in the center in Lubbeek, and since then we saw each other many times. Each time the idea to make small films together became more concrete. This weekend also the filmmaker Julie De Clercq joined us to help them make their small scenarios into a short film. On Saturday we watched short comedies they made on the phone, and discussed several scenarios. On Sunday we realised a small fiction.
So many beautiful energies of people who helped us each of them bringing their expertise: Enzo TB for the sound advice, Hans Bruch Jr. for the camera advice, Louay Dabous for his feedback, Kinshuk Surjan to be all around with the equipment and the process, Gwendo Lyn to build creative bridges, Pedro de Filippis and Thomas Szaka-Marier for their assistance on sound, Abdullah Fakhri A Janabi and Lubnan Al Wzny for the delicious food, Leo Rott for her assistance, and last but least of the family who is directing the short film Sheri Hakimi, Marof Hakimi, Farzana, Fataneh, Vakil Hakimi and their mama.
In december we’ll continue to work on this project and also the documentary filmmaker Ghaemmaghami Rokhsareh will join in to mentor this project soon.
We also started filming the ‘behind the scenes’ documentary, a process that will take many years and that will document all the movement around the film sets.
This project is only a kick-off, and all ideas for the projects are welcome. Also anybody who’s willing to join in on the projects very welcome