King of the Belgians open air screening at Cinemaximiliaan house

Friday April 20 we had high guests at Cinemaximiliaan project house with the film "The King of the Belgians". On their round trip through europe with the next film "The Emperor of Europe", director Jessica Woolworth and Peter Brosens stopped by with the cast of the film. Actors Peter Van den Begin, Bruno Georis and Lucie Debay joined in for the screening. Reza Panahi had prepared a delicious barbecue with help of Ahmed and Hussam, Batul, Soetkin and Anastasia has gathered a large group of people from the asylum centre in Lint and Omar for taking beautiful pictures. The beautiful weather allowed us for the first time to screen the film outdoors on our courtyard in front of the project house. It was a lovely evening with a very interesting debate after the film about travelling by feet to cross national borders and about what one can gain spiritually when being on the road as a fugitive... Thank you all for joining in and see you all soon again.

Slået op af Cinemaximiliaan i Fredag den 20. april 2018

“Egged On by Music” was playing at the MOOOV festival in Turnhout

Sunday 22 April our filmconcert "Egged On by Music" was playing at the MOOOV festival in Turnhout. We gathered a large group of Cinemaximiliaan volunteers and newcomers to come with us on a road trip with the bus. In Turnhout there was a warm welcome of Maarten Alexander and Marc Boonen and the volunteers of the festival. A great performance, and a great afterparty on the bus. Thank you Kevin Gregory Alto and Asia ZolKina to prepare the food and thank you to Emma Heijinkfor organising the trip and of course to all musicians and volunteers and technicians to made this concert happen. Thanks to Al Samarrai Omarand Griet Hendrickx for the photos.

Guest at VDAB in Brussels

Guest at VDAB in Brussels

At 27 april we were the guest at VDAB in Brussels for the closing event AtLevel2work: Talent on the Move. VDAB is supporting us with (BIO) internships. It was a day where we all reflected about our experiences and where we talked about Cinemaximiliaan. We want to thank Gawan & Batul for giving a presentation about our project at the event of VDAB. Thank you Patrick Vercruysse for the invitation!

A little anecdote from Batul who is doing her internship at Cinemaximiliaan:
“It was a great experience that day to give a presentation in Dutch. I’m proud of Cinemaximiliaan and I’m so happy to be able to speak and practice Dutch as an intern at Cinemaximiliaan. This internship is a good opportunity for newcomers to get more skills, selfconfidence and to fit in a new society. It’s all about learning from eachother, building strong relationships and sharing experiences.”

Hungarian filmdirector Béla Tarr arrived in Brussels

The Hungarian filmdirector Béla Tarr arrived in Brussels to spent the week at the Cinemaximiliaan project house helping newcomers to develop their ideas into films. We organised a screening of his masterpiece “Werckmeister Harmonies” at the Cinematek in Brussels, followed by a Q&A with the audience. Then we moved to the Cinemaximiliaan project house for a more private masterclass, where Béla met the participants of the workshop and also the crew of the film project of Rand Abou Fakher. We talked about cinema and life and everyones individual motivation to make films. We had delicious dinner prepared by Abdulrahman Aljassem, Lubnan Al Wzny and Alain Cmx and shared many talks and encounters. The whole week 10 participants will work in the house with Béla shooting small exercises, and meanwhile Rand’s film will be shot here with a bigger crew transforming the whole house in a filmset. Thanks also to Al Samarrai Omar for taking pictures.
Thanks for all the people putting beautiful energy together!

Egged On by music Backstage at Cinemaximiliaan

An audio reportage about the film concert by Cinemaximiliaan - Egged on by Music at Vooruit Ghent on 25th of February at 2.30pm. Thanks to Jordi De Beule and The Audiofiles for taking time and care to give a deeper insight in the project.
Since a year we have been rehearsing with all the musicians to finally come to this original score for the film Egged On. The first rehearsal was one year ago in Globe Aroma. Let's hope for a good outcome of all actions, to keep places safe for people to gather and to create. That this piece of music might build bridges between people, between countries, between communities and between minds and hearts.

Cinemaximiliaan & Béla Tarr present ‘Werckmeister Harmonies’

Cinemaximiliaan & Béla Tarr present 'Werckmeister Harmonies'

Tomorrow 10 April welcome at 2 pm at the Cinematek!
Cinemaximiliaan invites you to this special screening followed by a Q&A with Béla Tarr and Cinemaximiliaan participants.
Location: CINEMATEK - Baron Hortastrat 9, 1000 Brussel.
Time: 10 April 2018 // 2:00pm
Entrance: 4 € // FREE for newcomers and Cinemaximiliaan volunteers.
a film by Béla Tarr and Ágnes Hranitzky
Hungary-Italy-Germany-France // 2000 // 35mm // 145 mins.
OV Hungarian-Slovak // ST English
An innocent young man witnesses violence break out after an isolated village is inflamed by the arrival of a circus and its peculiar attractions: a giant whale and a mysterious man named "The Prince."
Béla Tarr Masterclass // Workshop
at Cinemaximiliaan project house, Molenbeek.
The Hungarian film director Béla Tarr is accompanying between april 10 and 15 a group of newcomers of Cinemaximiliaan in the process of making a short film. The shooting takes place in their project house in Molenbeek during the month of April. The final short film will be presented during the Kunstenfestivaldesarts at the same location on 11 and 12 May. Cinemaximiliaan brings films and debates to asylum centres, private homes and cinemas, bridging newcomers with locals in a personal way. The starting point of this project is the newcomers’ desire to share their stories through the medium of a short film.

Masterclass of Bela Tarr in Cinemaximiliaan project house

Masterclass of Bela Tarr in Cinemaximiliaan project house.

Slået op af Cinemaximiliaan i Tirsdag den 10. april 2018

Cinemaximiliaan Project House into a filmset for Rand Abou Fahker

Project House into a filmset

Changing the Cinemaximiliaan Project House into a filmset for Rand Abou Fahker with the assistance of set designer Bas Bonhof and help of Omar, Lubnan, Assad, Angela, Soetkin, Batul, Pauwel, Kinshuk, G&G who help to think and carry and also to those who lend their stuff.

Slået op af Cinemaximiliaan i Fredag den 6. april 2018


We’re looking urgently to borrow classic tables, lamps, chairs, plants, and 80’s & 90’s clothes… for the film set of Rand Abou Fakher in the Cinemaximiliaan project house for the upcoming production between 5 and 15 april.
Following objects are needed:
– classic wooden low table
– classic dressoir / makeup table with mirror
– classic single person sofa / couch
– all kinds of tables
– curtains white half transparent 3m high
– lamps
– a jewellery box
– a typewriter
– a writing desk
– all kinds of indoor plants and herbal plants
Please let us know if you can borrow these or if you could help us finding/getting them.
design by Kinshuk

Home Screening at the house of Han

Saturday evening we had a wonderful pop-up cinema at the house of Han De Meulemeester where we watched the movie “Trafic” from Jacques Tati.
We want to thank Han for her generosity, we want to thank the people who cooked the delicious Pakistani food: Hassan Ali, Ghoulam, Mohammed, Mozaffar, Ali & Syed and we want to thank you all for being part of these beautiful evening.
It was a night with sharing talks, sharing food, sharing easter chocolate eggs and much more!

NEWSLETTER Cinemaximiliaan

(ENG – NL & FR below)
10 April at 2 pm: Screening of ‘Werckmeister Harmonies’ in presence of Béla Tarr with a Q&A at Cinematek Brussels. Afterwards there is a masterclass with Béla Tarr and Cinemaximiliaan participants at Cinemaximiliaan Project House.
11 until 16 April: Short film project with Rand Abou Fakher at Cinemaximiliaan Project House. In collaboration with Béla Tarr and a crew and cast of Cinemaximiliaan volunteers.
Urgent: Still searching for camera and light assistance and a sound recordist!
12 April at 2 pm: Filmscreening at asylum centre Poelkapelle >> Still searching people who can join!
17 April: Rehearsal of Egged on By Music at the Cinemaximiliaan Project House.
18 April at 6 pm: Screening of ‘Zagros’ at Cinemaximiliaan Project House in presence of Sahim Omar Kalifa.
20 April at 6 pm: Filmscreening of ‘The King of the Belgians’ at asylum centre Lint in presence of the directors Peter Brosens and Jessica Woodworth and actors Peter Van Den Begin and Titus De Voogdt.
22 April at 8 pm: Film concert ‘Egged On By Music’ at Mooov Festival in Turnhout.
23 April until 8 May: Postproduction of the short film by Rand Abou Fakher at Gsara and Graphoui.
23 April at 7 pm: Goethe institute at Galerie Ravenstein, screening and presentation by G100 and Cinemaximiliaan.
24 April at 7 pm: G100 at La Tricoterie. New voices for Europe, Conference on Education and Democracy.
11 & 12 May at 7 pm: Avant Première of Cinemaximiliaan short film projects by Rand Abou Fakher and the Hakimi family at the Cinemaximiliaan Project House in Kunstenfestivaldesarts.
Volunteers and Interns: An amazing team of newcomers, students and volunteers are helping day in and day out to organise film screenings in asylum centers, in private homes and in cultural centers. Thanks to Batul, Reza, Lubnan, Emma, Angela, Fatma, Elmira, Louay, Omar, Solange, Soetkin, Hayo, Alain, Mary Emily, Ahmad, Ayham, Anne-Marie, Ebrahim, Nina, the film team, the music team, …
Hakimi short film: During February, March and April: Marof Hakimi, Julie Declercq and Charles Godin work on the postproduction of the short film project of family Hakimi.
Fatma and Muna short film: During the months January until June, Fatma Osman, Muna Muriidi and Hans Van Nuffel are working on the next short film project. The film will be shot in June at Cinemaximiliaan Project House.
Egged On by Music: In the coming year the film concert Egged On by Music will be playing at many venues all around Belgium: at Mooov Festival Turnhout (22/04/2018), Charleroi Danses/Raffinerie Brussels (15/06/18), De Monty Antwerpen (09/09/2018), at De Factorij Zaventem (24/11/2018), at Brigittines Brussel (02/02/19), DeSingel Antwerpen (02/03/2019 TBC)
Cinemaximiliaan Project House:We’re setting up a structure to be able to develop the Cinemaximiliaan project house in Molenbeek to become a more established project, with possibility for development of a social catering service and a guesthouse both run by newcomers in the front house at the streetside. The owner and architect of the building Adil Laassal is on board and Katrien Reist, Matthieu Goeury, Charlotte Lao Schmidt, Dieter Leyssen, Jan Verheyen, Sigrid Bousset, Wim Embrechts and many others are helping and thinking along. All help welcome!
New website:Reza Panahi is working hard on our new website. Will be available soon online!
Help?If you like to join or you like to help always welcome. There is always an extra plate or place for you! Concretely we are searching for new interns from schools starting in September 2018.
Please contact us by email:
Gawan & Gwendolyn & Cinemaximiliaan team



31 maart om 16.00 uur:
Filmvertoning in Han’s huis in Molenbeek

10 april om 14.00 uur:Screening van ‘Werckmeister Harmonies’ in aanwezigheid van Béla Tarr met een Q&A in de Cinematek Brussel. Gevolgd door een masterclass met Béla Tarr en Cinemaximiliaan deelnemers aan Cinemaximiliaan projecthuis.
11 tot 16 april:Korte filmproject met Rand Abou Fakher bij Cinemaximiliaan projecthuis. In samenwerking met Béla Tarr en een crew en cast van Cinemaximiliaan-vrijwilligers.
>> Dringend: nog steeds op zoek naar camera- en lichtassistentie en een geluidsrecordist!

12 april om 14.00 uur:Filmscreening bij asielcentrum Poelkapelle >> Nog steeds op zoek naar mensen die kunnen mee willen komen.

17 april:Repetitie van ‘Egged on By Music’ in het Cinemaximiliaan projecthuis

18 april om 18.00 uur:Screening van ‘Zagros’ op Cinemaximiliaan projecthuis in aanwezigheid van Sahim Omar Kalifa.
20 april om 18.00 uur:Filmscreening van ’The King of the Belgians’ in asielcentrum Lint in aanwezigheid van de regisseurs Peter Brosens en Jessica Woodworth en acteurs Peter Van Den Begin en Titus De Voogdt.

22 april om 20.00 uur:Filmconcert ‘Egged On by Music’ op Mooov Festival in Turnhout.

23 april tot 8 mei:Postproductie van de korte film van Rand Abou Fakher in Gsara en Graphoui.

23 april om 19.00 uur:Filmvertoning en presentatie door G-100 en Cinemaximiliaan, Goethe-Institut in Galerie Ravenstein.

24 april om 19.00 uur:G-100 conferentie in La Tricoterie. New Voices for Europe, conferentie over onderwijs en democratie.

11 & 12 mei om 19.00 uur:Avant première van Cinemaximiliaan kortfilmprojecten van Rand Abou Fakher en de Hakimi-familie in het Cinemaximiliaan projecthuis op het Kunstenfestivaldesarts.–filmvertoning


Vrijwilligers en stagiairs:Een geweldig team van nieuwkomers, studenten en vrijwilligers helpen dag in dag uit om filmvertoningen te organiseren in asielcentra, in privéhuizen en in culturele centra. Dank aan Batul, Reza, Lubnan, Emma, ​​Angela, Fatma, Abdulrahman, Ermira, Louay, Omar, Solange, Soetkin, Hayo, Alain, Mary Emily, Ahmad, Ayham, Anne-Marie, Ebrahim, Nina, het filmteam, het muziekteam , …

Kortfilm van de familie Hakimi:In februari, maart en april werken Marof Hakimi, Julie Declercq en Charles Godin aan de postproductie van het korte filmproject van familie Hakimi.

Kortfilm van Fatma en Muna:In de maanden januari tot juni werken Fatma Osman, Muna Muriidi en Hans Van Nuffel aan het volgende kortfilmproject. De film wordt in juni opgenomen in Cinemaximiliaan Project House.

Egged On by Music:
Het komende jaar speelt het filmconcert Egged On by Music op vele locaties in heel België: Mooov Festival Turnhout (22/04/2018), Charleroi Danses / Raffinerie Brussel (15/06/18), De Monty Antwerpen (09/09/2018), De Factorij Zaventem (24/11/2018), Brigittines Brussel (02/02/19), DeSingel Antwerpen (03/04/2019)
Cinemaximiliaan Projecthuis:We zijn een structuur aan het opzetten om het Cinemaximiliaan-projecthuis in Molenbeek uit te bouwen naar een meer gevestigd project te worden, met de mogelijkheid voor de ontwikkeling van een sociale cateringservice en een gastenhuis dat door nieuwkomers wordt gerund in het herenhuis aan de straatkant van het pand. De eigenaar en architect van het gebouw Adil Laassal is aan boord en Katrien Reist, Matthieu Goeury, Charlotte Lao Schmidt, Dieter Leyssen, Jan Verheyen, Wim Embrechts en vele anderen helpen mee en denken mee. Alle hulp is welkom.

Nieuwe Website:Reza Panahi is druk in de weer met onze nieuwe website. Zal binnenkort beschikbaar zijn online!

Helpen?Als je wilt meedoen of als je wilt helpen altijd welkom. Er is altijd een extra plaats voor jou! Concreet zoeken we nieuwe stagiaires van scholen vanaf september 2018.
Neem dan per e-mail contact met ons op:



31 mars à 16h00:Séance de film à la maison de Han à Molenbeek

10 avril à 14h00:Projection de «Werckmeister Harmonies» en présence de Béla Tarr avec un Q&A au Cinematek Bruxelles. Suivi d’une masterclass avec Béla Tarr et Cinemaximiliaan participants au Cinemaximiliaan Project House.
Du 11 au 16 avril:Projet de court-métrage avec Rand Abou Fakher au Cinemaximiliaan Project House. En collaboration avec Béla Tarr et un groupe de bénévoles de Cinemaximiliaan. >> Urgent: Toujours à la recherche d’une caméra et d’une assistance légère et d’un enregistreur de sons!

12 avril à 14h00:Séance de film au centre d’asile Poelkapelle.
>> Toujours à la recherche de personnes qui peuvent rejoindre!
17 avril:Répétition de ‘Egged on By Music’ à la Cinemaximiliaan Project House.

Le 18 avril à 18 heures:Projection de ‘Zagros’ au Cinemaximiliaan Project House en présence de Sahim Omar Kalifa.

Le 20 avril à 18 heures:Séance du film “Le Roi des Belges” au centre d’asile de Lint en présence des réalisateurs Peter Brosens et Jessica Woodworth et des acteurs Peter Van Den Begin et Titus De Voogdt.

22 avril à 20 heures:Cinéconcert ‘Egged On by Music’ au festival Mooov à Turnhout.

Du 23 avril au 8 mai:Postproduction du court métrage de Rand Abou Fakher chez Gsara et Graphoui.

Le 23 avril à 19 heures:Projection et présentation par G-100 et Cinemaximiliaan à l’Institut Goethe de la Galerie Ravenstein.

Le 24 avril à 19 heures:G-100 à La Tricoterie. Nouvelles voix pour l’Europe, Conférence sur l’éducation et la démocratie.

11 et 12 mai à 19h00:Avant Première de Cinemaximiliaan projets de courts métrages de Rand Abou Fakher et de la famille Hakimi au Cinemaximiliaan Project House et au Kunstenfestivaldesarts.–filmvertoning


Bénévoles et stagiaires:Une équipe incroyable de nouveaux arrivants, d’étudiants et de bénévoles aide jour après jour à organiser des projections de films dans les centres d’asile, dans les maisons privées et dans les centres culturels et cinémas. Merci à Batul, Reza, Lubnan, Emma, ​​Angela, Fatma, Elmira, Louay, Omar, Solange, Soetkin, Hayo, Alain, Mary Emily, Ahmad, Ayham, Anne-Marie, Ebrahim, Nina, l’équipe du film, l’équipe de musique , …!

Famille Hakimi court métrage:En février, mars et avril, Marof Hakimi, Julie Declercq et Charles Godin travaillent à la postproduction du projet de court métrage de la famille Hakimi.

Fatma et Muna court métrage:Pendant les mois de janvier à juin, Fatma Osman, Muna Muriidi et Hans Van Nuffel travaillent sur le prochain projet de court métrage. Le film sera tourné en juin à Cinemaximiliaan Project House.

Cinéconcert ‘Egged On by Music’Dans l’année à venir, le cinéconcert ‘Egged On by Music’ sera présenté dans de nombreux lieux de Belgique: Festival de Mooov Turnhout (22/04/2018), Charleroi Danses / Raffinerie Bruxelles (15/06/18), De Monty Antwerpen (09/ 09/2018), De Factorij Zaventem (24/11/2018), Brigittines Brussel (02/02/19), DeSingel Antwerpen (02/03/2019 TBC)

Cinemaximiliaan Project House:Nous sommes en train de mettre en place une structure pour développer le projet Cinemaximiliaan à Molenbeek afin de devenir un projet mieux établi, avec la possibilité de développer un service de traiteur social et une maison d’hôtes dans la maison de la rue. Le propriétaire et architecte de l’immeuble Adil Laassal est à bord et Katrien Reist, Matthieu Goeury, Charlotte Lao Schmidt, Dieter Leyssen, Jan Verheyen, Sigrid Bousset, Wim Embrechts et beaucoup d’autres aident et réfléchissent. Bienvenue à nous venir en aide!
Nouveau site web:Reza Panahi est occupé avec notre nouveau site web. Sera disponible bientôt en ligne!

Aider? Si vous aimez nous joindre ou si vous aimez aider, toujours bienvenue! Il y a toujours une place pour vous. Concrètement, nous recherchons de nouveaux stagiaires des hautes-écoles à partir de septembre 2018.

Veuillez nous contacter par email:

Gawan & Gwendolyn & Cinemaximiliaan team
Cinemaximiliaan vzw
Manchesterstraat 36, 1080 Brussels
Trailer Cinemaximiliaan:
Egged On by Music:

Flemish minister of culture Sven Gatz and Brussels minister Pascal Smet will come and visit the Cinemaximiliaan house

Flemish Minister of Culture Sven Gatz, Brussels Minister Pascal Smet, accompanied by Sheraz Rafi and Suzy Bleys visited us the Cinemaximiliaan project house. They were welcomed by a full team of Cinemaximiliaan volunteers. The presentation about all our activities and projects was prepared by Jeanne Btl, Reza Panahi, Shamsia, Fatma Osman, Angela Al Souliman, Rand Abou Fakher, Ermira, Gwendo Lyn, Gawan Fagard, Soetkin Keukeleire, Solange Cmx and there was a tour through the house by Lubnan Al Wzny and Ayman Al Tawil. Charles Godin, Marof Hakimi, Sheri Hakimi and Julie De Clercq presented the short film they're editing at the moment. Abdulrahman Aljassem and Ermira made delicious Syrian snacks. There was a big media team from Cinemaximiliaan Don Omar, Flo Vandenbussche, Masha Berkers, Angela Al Soulaiman, Hakim Rajabi. Thanks to the ministers to take their time, to listen to our presentations and to get to know the team of Cinemaximiliaan better.
We are searching for investors to acquire the Cinemaximiliaan house that is for sale at the moment. It is so important that we can keep working working here for a long term. Even though that Cinemaximiliaan is very nomadic and travels to houses, asylum centres, cinemas, cultural venues, ... The Cinemaximiliaan Project House is the beating heart where everything starts and ends

Egged On by Music

"Egged On by Music" at Kunstencentrum Vooruit behind the scenes, a lot of preparations, many people running around doing many things and having new encounters. Thanks a lot to all the musicians, the production and communication team, the cooking team, the photographers and videomakers, the technicians, and the people of Vooruit. More pictures of the concert you can find in a post below.
If you're interested to hear the concert, be welcome and follow our announcements, there are many more dates coming up.

Slået op af Cinemaximiliaan i Onsdag den 31. januar 2018

Visiting asylumcentres

Visiting asylumcentres. Last Wednesday 6 december a group of Cinemaximiliaan volunteers went to the asylum centre in Jette, where they showed an animation film program.
On Saturday 9 december another group went again to the center in Lint, where many of our friends are staying. Elmira, Keta Keta, Jeanne Btl and another of their friends where making delicious Albanian pizza’s! Next to the screenings there was again many talks and encounters, and some of the people we met in the centers will also joined yesterday the pop-up cinema at Kimiaf. It is so important for people in the centers to get to know people who live longer time in Belgium, to create friendships, exchange information and to have a context outside of the center to be part of.
Welcome all and thanks to the volunteers Louay Dabous, Solange Cmx, Aaron Cmx, Assaad Somalia, Lubnan Al Wzny, Lydia Obolensky, Alexandra McAdam, Elmira, El Medina, Abdulrahman Aljassem, Reza Panahi Keta Keta, Jeanne Btl, … Also thanks to Louay Dabous for taking so actively pictures.

Screening in Lint

Last wednesday 31/1 we were honoured to host again a screening in Lint. We had a warm welcome on first arrival and a warm stay and food. It was a long day but time flew as we spent time with you. Some people are going through difficult times waiting very long with their procedures and it gave them a good distraction and it put a smile on their faces. For our new intern Alain Cmx it was an eye opener to grasp the struggles and difficulties newcomers have. Thanks for Leo Rott, Stijn Maes, Louay Dabous, Alain Cmx, Solange Cmx, Keta Keta, Angelo, Medina, Batul, Reza Panahi (for making the poster), … for all being there!
Cinemaximiliaan is planning many more visits to asylum centres. They will go to Jette (16/02), Broechem (19/2), Lint (14/3). Thanks a lot to Solange Cmx and Alain for giving it a boost, and making new appointments with centres.

A report of a cosy homescreening at the house of Isabelle and Rolf

A report of a cosy homescreening at the house of Isabelle and Rolf. Shakila, Ahmadyar Mina, Ghulam Nabi Khaksar and Ahmed Soboh were cooking delicious Afghan food. Before watching a movie, Ben De Raes and David Slotema filmed many testimonies of people, what they feel and think about their involvement in Cinemaximiliaan. It’s a reportage for Hart boven Hard soon to be seen! After that we watched a short film by David Slotema called “With a Thousand Eyes”, followed by a debate with the filmmaker.
Every time we do home screenings we realise how important it is, to meet new people, share time, space, energy, love, talks, food, ideas, feelings, … in the living room of someone’s house. Thanks and up to the next screening in the house of Lieven De Cauter beginning of March!

Visit 2 centres in Jette and in Broechem

Last week Cinemaximiliaan went to visit 2 centres in Jette and in Broechem. We are planning also much more visits in the future. If you like to join please let us know.
Here is some feedback from Hayo de Haan and Angela Al Souliman who went for a visit:
Angela: “I felt mix feelings when I visited the women centre in Jette with cinemaximiliaan, it were conflicting feelings, happy to meet them and in the same moment sad for them because I know how difficult it is for them to stay waiting, only waiting for long time. But when the film “Mon Oncle “ started the women and children began to laugh. And when I spoke to the woman after the film I I feel better and we can sometime give a small light of hope to make the waiting easier.”
Hayo: “The audience consisted of all sorts of people with different backgrounds and ages but were nonetheless fulfilled by the joy cinema can provide to people, heart warming to see”.
Thanks to Solange Cmx, Soetkin Keukeleire, Don Omar, Alain Cmx, Ahmad M Alchekh, Mary Emily Farnsworth, Mohammad, Hayo, Angela, Ghulam Nabi Khaksar, …

Sound recording workshop

In December 22, 2017  Jean-Noël came by to teach us about the sound recording devices. Meanwhile Fatma and Muna Muriidi prepared delicious Somali food. Many people joined us in the afternoon to learn about the boom for cinema sets. It was a nice moment of encounters and to start building a cinema team together. In the evening we were invited at RITCS Cinema with Wouter Hessels for a special screening of the Belgian classic film “Daens” - a heartwarming and engaging story of class struggles at the end of the 19th century. The director of the film Stijn Coninx joined us after the screenings for talks and drinks.

Slået op af Cinemaximiliaan i Onsdag den 20. december 2017

Fatma and Muna Muriidi with the Belgian filmmaker Hans Van Nuffel

December 18, 2017  two of our very dear friends Fatma and Muna Muriidi came to our house to discuss their ideas for a short film with the Belgian filmmaker Hans Van Nuffel. It was a very engaging encounter between them, brainstorming together about a story of love and trust… They will start now writing out the screenplay, in January they will start casting the actors and in February the project will go in production. Also Gert Verboven came by to set up the sound equipment for the ‘behind the screens’ documentary. Thank you all for your ideas and your commitment!