Visiting asylumcentres

Visiting asylumcentres. Last Wednesday 6 december a group of Cinemaximiliaan volunteers went to the asylum centre in Jette, where they showed an animation film program.
On Saturday 9 december another group went again to the center in Lint, where many of our friends are staying. Elmira, Keta Keta, Jeanne Btl and another of their friends where making delicious Albanian pizza’s! Next to the screenings there was again many talks and encounters, and some of the people we met in the centers will also joined yesterday the pop-up cinema at Kimiaf. It is so important for people in the centers to get to know people who live longer time in Belgium, to create friendships, exchange information and to have a context outside of the center to be part of.
Welcome all and thanks to the volunteers Louay Dabous, Solange Cmx, Aaron Cmx, Assaad Somalia, Lubnan Al Wzny, Lydia Obolensky, Alexandra McAdam, Elmira, El Medina, Abdulrahman Aljassem, Reza Panahi Keta Keta, Jeanne Btl, … Also thanks to Louay Dabous for taking so actively pictures.

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