King of the Belgians open air screening at Cinemaximiliaan house

Friday April 20 we had high guests at Cinemaximiliaan project house with the film "The King of the Belgians". On their round trip through europe with the next film "The Emperor of Europe", director Jessica Woolworth and Peter Brosens stopped by with the cast of the film. Actors Peter Van den Begin, Bruno Georis and Lucie Debay joined in for the screening. Reza Panahi had prepared a delicious barbecue with help of Ahmed and Hussam, Batul, Soetkin and Anastasia has gathered a large group of people from the asylum centre in Lint and Omar for taking beautiful pictures. The beautiful weather allowed us for the first time to screen the film outdoors on our courtyard in front of the project house. It was a lovely evening with a very interesting debate after the film about travelling by feet to cross national borders and about what one can gain spiritually when being on the road as a fugitive... Thank you all for joining in and see you all soon again.

Slået op af Cinemaximiliaan i Fredag den 20. april 2018

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