First screentests for the Cinemaximiliaan Film Project

In weekend December 4, was the first weekend for the Cinemaximiliaan film project to start. The last years we often met people who have ideas for films and who’re willing to built together a platform to create short films together. After a lot of preparations and meetings we could now start filming a first project. And many others will follow, tell us your idea and we will listen to it.
Almost two years ago we met the Hakimi Family from Afghanistan in the center in Lubbeek, and since then we saw each other many times. Each time the idea to make small films together became more concrete. This weekend also the filmmaker Julie De Clercq joined us to help them make their small scenarios into a short film. On Saturday we watched short comedies they made on the phone, and discussed several scenarios. On Sunday we realised a small fiction.
So many beautiful energies of people who helped us each of them bringing their expertise: Enzo TB for the sound advice, Hans Bruch Jr. for the camera advice, Louay Dabous for his feedback, Kinshuk Surjan to be all around with the equipment and the process, Gwendo Lyn to build creative bridges, Pedro de Filippis and Thomas Szaka-Marier for their assistance on sound, Abdullah Fakhri A Janabi and Lubnan Al Wzny for the delicious food, Leo Rott for her assistance, and last but least of the family who is directing the short film Sheri Hakimi, Marof Hakimi, Farzana, Fataneh, Vakil Hakimi and their mama.
In december we’ll continue to work on this project and also the documentary filmmaker Ghaemmaghami Rokhsareh will join in to mentor this project soon.
We also started filming the ‘behind the scenes’ documentary, a process that will take many years and that will document all the movement around the film sets.
This project is only a kick-off, and all ideas for the projects are welcome. Also anybody who’s willing to join in on the projects very welcome

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