Hungarian filmdirector Béla Tarr arrived in Brussels

The Hungarian filmdirector Béla Tarr arrived in Brussels to spent the week at the Cinemaximiliaan project house helping newcomers to develop their ideas into films. We organised a screening of his masterpiece “Werckmeister Harmonies” at the Cinematek in Brussels, followed by a Q&A with the audience. Then we moved to the Cinemaximiliaan project house for a more private masterclass, where Béla met the participants of the workshop and also the crew of the film project of Rand Abou Fakher. We talked about cinema and life and everyones individual motivation to make films. We had delicious dinner prepared by Abdulrahman Aljassem, Lubnan Al Wzny and Alain Cmx and shared many talks and encounters. The whole week 10 participants will work in the house with Béla shooting small exercises, and meanwhile Rand’s film will be shot here with a bigger crew transforming the whole house in a filmset. Thanks also to Al Samarrai Omar for taking pictures.
Thanks for all the people putting beautiful energy together!

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