Flemish minister of culture Sven Gatz and Brussels minister Pascal Smet will come and visit the Cinemaximiliaan house

Flemish Minister of Culture Sven Gatz, Brussels Minister Pascal Smet, accompanied by Sheraz Rafi and Suzy Bleys visited us the Cinemaximiliaan project house. They were welcomed by a full team of Cinemaximiliaan volunteers. The presentation about all our activities and projects was prepared by Jeanne Btl, Reza Panahi, Shamsia, Fatma Osman, Angela Al Souliman, Rand Abou Fakher, Ermira, Gwendo Lyn, Gawan Fagard, Soetkin Keukeleire, Solange Cmx and there was a tour through the house by Lubnan Al Wzny and Ayman Al Tawil. Charles Godin, Marof Hakimi, Sheri Hakimi and Julie De Clercq presented the short film they're editing at the moment. Abdulrahman Aljassem and Ermira made delicious Syrian snacks. There was a big media team from Cinemaximiliaan Don Omar, Flo Vandenbussche, Masha Berkers, Angela Al Soulaiman, Hakim Rajabi. Thanks to the ministers to take their time, to listen to our presentations and to get to know the team of Cinemaximiliaan better.
We are searching for investors to acquire the Cinemaximiliaan house that is for sale at the moment. It is so important that we can keep working working here for a long term. Even though that Cinemaximiliaan is very nomadic and travels to houses, asylum centres, cinemas, cultural venues, ... The Cinemaximiliaan Project House is the beating heart where everything starts and ends

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