Cinemaximiliaan is a film platform with and by newcomers in Belgium. We started in an improvised camp at the Maximiliaan Park in Brussels with daily film screenings. Cinemaximiliaan quickly grew to become a vast network of volunteers, amongst them many newcomers. Together we bring light to the day and to the night.

Cinemaximiliaan is like an itinerant ‘living room’ bringing films in various remote asylum centers around Belgium on a regular basis, where there is a need for encounter and cultural exchange. Also we organise many events, film screenings in cinemas and at people's homes, music performances, debates, lectures, workshops, encounters… welcoming newcomers to take part and to shape cultural life in Brussels and Belgium.

The Cinemaximiliaan project house is an open house where people stay over after events, eat, meet, work and think together.

Since shortly we’re also making artistic productions: a touring concert with silent film and a film production platform involving many people from different horizons. Cinemaximiliaan is like a bridge for many encounters and occasions through which newcomers can continue their path in a new homeland.

Consult here our latest newsletter for updates about the agenda & ongoing projects. 

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