Who is Who

Cinemaximiliaan grew out of a volunteering initiative, and its spirit is very much based on the positive energy with which every individual contributes its part to the project. Cinemaximiliaan is an associative and dynamic organisation, and so are the people involved in the project. Everybody is welcome to join at any point. It’s never too late!

Gawan, art historian (BE) and film critic, Gwendolyn, artist and filmmaker (BE), Ayham, aid worker and international relations student (SY), Terry, accountant (BE), Quinten, filmmaker (BE), Dirk, communications manager (BE), Louay, aid worker and film student (SY), Lubnan, shoemaker and actor (IQ), Ayman, nurse and dancer (PS), Shamsia, social worker (AFG), Ali, journalist (AFG), Reza, graphic designer (AFG/IRN), Batul, teacher (AFG/IRN), Abdullah, cook (IQ), Bassel, sound designer (SY), Daphne, filmmaker (NL), Anna, language teacher (BE), Frederike, social worker (BE), Sheri, worker (AFG), Marof, mechanic (AFG), Vakil, Maya, Ferzana, Fataneh (AFG), Lotte, filmmaker (BE), Agata, curator (PL), Aukje, artist (NL), Elke, journalist (BE), Karar, truck driver (IQ), Abbas, barber (IQ), Gailan, airconditioning technician (IQ), Yusur, geometry student (IQ), Javid, photographer (AFG), June, sociology student (SGP), Fatma (SO), Hala, social geography student (LBN), Hayo, cultural manager (NL), Adrian, human right’s activist (MX), Emma, artist (NL), Marie-Laurence, social worker (BE), Mahmood, student (AFG), Emma , musician (NL), Hussein, musician (IQ), Walaa, musician (IQ), Arkan, musician (IQ), Mostafa, musician (IRN), Laura, filmmaker (BE), Ghulam, student (AFG), Sandra, filmmaker (NL), Ruchira, translator (IN), Ben, computer scientist (BE), Korneel, photographer (BE), Saif, musician (IQ), Fanny, social worker (BE), Ali, painter (IQ), Ella, student architect (BE), Azmi, engineer (SY), Masha, filmmaker (NL), Constance, student juriste (BE), Tareq and Ahmed, airconditioning technician (IQ), Maria, international affairs officer (SY/SE), Katrien, curator (NL), Flo, filmmaker (BE), Cathérine, artist (BE), Annemie, tour manager and teacher (BE), Kym, artist (UK), Solange, social worker (BE), Mehdi, journalist (MAR/BE), Matthias, film scholar and filmmaker (BE), Hans, cameraman (BE), Haider, instrument maker (IQ), Shadan and Nagham, teachers and social workers (SY), Shalan, musician and composer (SY), Anisa, anthropology student (ALB/GR), Nedjma, dramaturge (ALG/BE), Anna Franziska, actrice (BE), Béla, filmmaker (HU), Amila, curator (BOS), Joëlle, landscape architect and social worker (BE), Rand, musician and filmmaker (SY), Hanana, social worker (MA/BE), Bilal, translator (SY), Hans, film director and script writer (BE), Ahmed, veterinary (IQ), Kinshuk, documentary director (IN), Moji, filmmaker (IRN), Anastasia, photographer (RU), Kevin, model (ALB), Alketa, fashion (ALB), Vera, musician, (IT), Firas, monteur (IQ), Angela, journalist (SY), Ermira, sales manager (ALB), Jozef, set design (BE), Alex, artist (BE), Mousab, designer (SY), Mahmood, sound engineer (SY), Gert, producer (BE), Jeronimo, filmmaker (CO), Natalia, set design (MX), Leonie, artist (DE), Hassan, philosopher (PK), Gohram, engineer (BA), Romy, actrice (BE), Victor, philosopher (LB/BE), Charles, editor (BE), Rokhsareh, filmmaker (IRN), Hjalte, journalist (DK), Sean, filmmaker (CA), Diren, filmmaker (BE), Joachim, distributor and filmmaker (FR), Oscar, artist (NL), Grace, performer (NL), Jan, theatre director (BE), Alain, social worker (IR), Nor, student (MA), Alejandro, composer (BO), Obaidullah, media (AFG), Nik, sound recordist (BE), Adil, architect (MA), Aaron, social worker (BE), Dahlia, actress (BE), Anne, musician (NL), Shahriar, composer (IRN), Teuk, musician (BE), Stijn, set designer (BE), Matthieu, programmer (FR), Toon, film producer (BE), Bart, film producer (BE), Abdulrahman, cook (SY), Pauwel, theatre production (BE), Maher, jurist (IQ), Saddam, sociology student (SY), … and many more…

Founders and coordinators of Cinemaximiliaan:
Gwendolyn Lootens & Gawan Fagard

Behind the screen team:
Lubnan Al-Wazny, Reza Panahi, Batul Hosseini, Angela Al-Souliman, Soetkin Keukeleire, Omar Al-Samarrai, Hayo De Haan, Bilal Issa, Emma Hejink, Kinshuk Surjan, Fatma Osman, Anastasia Zolkina, Louay Daboos, Katrien Reist and all those who will come to join the team.

Deirdre Domegan, Ahmad Alkech, Mary Emily Farnsworth.
General Assembly:
Board: Ayham Seif, Shamsia Ahmadi Nijat, Pauwel Hertmans, Katrien Reist, Maher Alfartosi, Matthieu Goeury, Jos Brumagne
General Assembly: Wouter Hessels, Flo Flamme, Bruno Mola, Sigrid Bousset, Sophie Alexandre, Terry Simmons, Bart Van Langendonck, Wouter Hillaert, Julie Declercq, Lisaboa Houbrechts, Hayo De Haan, Gawan Fagard, Gwendolyn Lootens, Agata Jastrzabek, Hassan Ali, Deirdre Domegan.


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